The Library Project

In Nicaragua books are expensive and there are very few libraries.  La Escuelita received a donation of books and money for a large cabinet bookshelf. A church made a generous monthly donation to buy books and to start a Reader’s Program. 

The library is now stocked with storybooks and resource books that children of all ages can use. The teachers hold a Readers Program once a week for the children and with the beautiful storybooks they now read to the children every day.  The children are developing a love of reading and older children in the community use the library resources to do their homework. La Escuelita has joined a growing network of small projects in Nicaragua that are attempting to make books more available to students.

Please contact Penn Garvin if you have ideas or donations.

This is our library.  
We want to fill it up with more cabinets packed with books.
La Escuelita