Health Project

In 2007 under the direction of Prof. Pat Jackson-Allen and Prof. Pat Ryan-Krauss of the Yale College of Nursing, pediatric and family nurse graduates began to make an annual visit to La Escuelita. They do physical exams on each of the students and help develop with the teachers a follow-up plan for students who have health problems. In addition they leave vitamins, parasite medication, basic skin creams and money for follow-up for children with health problems.

Many of these children have not received much medical attention prior to the Health Project. The energy and caring of the nurses are much appreciated by the teachers, parents and children.

When the Yale School of Nursing moved on to other projects, the program of medical exams at La Escuelita took on a more Nicaraguan face.  A Nicaraguan medical student helped with the program one year, and came back the next year - No longer a student, but now Dr. Lester Muñoz.

Dr. Muñoz not only has worked with visiting US doctors, but has carried on the program even during the years when there has not been a visiting medical group from the US.

Dental Project

Under the direction of Prof. Rhonda Seebold of the Pennsylvania College of Technology Dental Hygiene Department, a delegation of dental hygienists began providing annual preventive dental care and education for the students. Under the supervision of Nicaraguan dentists, Dr. Alicia Reyes and Dr. Sidar Ruiz, the children are receiving complete dental care for the first time in their lives. Dr. Reyes and Dr. Ruiz make on-going visits to the school to keep the children in good dental health.

The annual Dental Project began in 2008. In a country where there is only ONE dentist for every 30,000 people, the project is unusual and important.

Even though the Pennsylvania College of Technology has not been able to continue the program, Dr. Reyes and Dr. Ruiz continue every year to perform checkups needed dental care on every student​.

 Health & Dental Projects

Improving the Dental Care of Students
Dental Hygienists from Pennsylvania 
College of Technology

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