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Where a little bit goes a long way to make a big difference in the lives of these children.
"When I first visited the school I fell in love with the students and teachers --  such spirit and hope in the face of such poverty!  Please 'visit' the school through this website and see how you might get involved." -  Penn Garvin, who works with the school.
"When people take an interest in the school, it lets us do even more for the children" -- 
Alicia Nájeras, Director and Teacher

"For us as mothers the presence of La Escuelita is a great help since the majority of us are single mothers and 
because in addition to the schooling they give them food and really care about them". --- 
Xiomara Virginia Espinoza, mother of a student

 "At school we don't just get lessons but also we have fun on the swings, sports like soccer and baseball and stories and 
other interesting things that we don't get at home". ---  Jefferson Garcia Ceron, 7 years old and in the first grade 

"When I walked into the school I started to cry when I saw the sweet faces of the children, how little they had and yet how
 happy they were. I got involved on the spot! "-- Bev Kirkman, volunteer liaison in the US

Some of the Students.
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Welcome to Our Little School
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Scholarship Fund
La Escuelita
The Food Program Provides a Meal Every Day Even During School Breaks
All work in the US on behalf of The Little School is done by volunteers, and all administrative expenses are donated.  100% of your donation goes to Nicaragua.