All the students who receive a scholarship are personally known to Penn  and Doug. They have been through an extensive screening process to  determine their commitment to their studies and the requirements of the  program. They are followed carefully through direct communication, skype  and telephone with Penn, the Scholarship Fund coordinator. Each  semester the recipients provide both academic reports and a financial  accounting for the funds they have received.

 Some students are sponsored during high school to ensure that they are  prepared for the rigors of college, while some begin when they enter  college. There are also older students who have never had the opportunity    to continue their education and find themselves with families and limited  income due to lack of training and education. The Scholarship Fund helps  them complete their education toward professional development. 

 To learn more about a few of the Dreams to Reality Scholarship recipients,  click  Recipients Gallery  and read more about their stories.

We are very proud of those who have graduated with your help.  View the Graduates Gallery.

Dreams to Reality Scholarship Fund