Sugey Gomez received her degree in Accounting and now has a new job.
Magda Najeras has graduated as an Executive Secretary and is currently administering the funds for this project in Nicaragua.  When she started back to school, her employment was cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms.  Since finishing school she is now the Administrative Assistant in the same organization.
Alicia Narvaez is the lead teacher of the Little School, which she helped to start more than 20 years ago, when she had not yet completed her high school education. She has now finished her university education and is a registered teacher within the Nicaraguan educational system. Besides teaching, Ali also handles all of the administration of the school and is the mother of 6 and grandmother of 3.
Leonor Najeraz was a part-time teacher at the Little School for some time and is now a fully certified teacher, working full-time. Besides the school, Leo is also very active in her church's ministry to the poor in rural areas of Nicaragua. She is also the mother of one of the current Scholarship recipients – her daughter Jarys is studying medicine with hopes of becoming an Ob-Gyn specialist.​
Oneyda Acevedo Acuña grew up in a very rural area in Northern Nicaragua. Her family didn't think that education for girls was very important, but she continued to finish high school. After marrying and moving to Managua, she wanted to learn more. With the help of the Dreams To Reality Scholarship Fund, she was able to finish her degree in Business Administration and his now working.
Ronald Ordoñez was the first person from his family to ever finish high school and even think about going on to university. He studied Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. He now operates a carry out food service operation from his home, selling meals in the market and delivering to the workers in some area businesses.
Yeris Romero wanted so badly to learn that he used to sneak into classes for a whole semester, even without being registered or receiving credit because he didn't have the money to attend college. He is now ready to graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering, and to put his new education to work.
Gerald Hernandez grew up in a very rural coffee-growing area in the mountains above Matagalpa.  His desire to be nurse began very young, but was delayed by lack of money and the need to do other work.  He was finally able to go back to school and graduate.
Rosa Lopez is one of seven children, and she became interested in becoming a lawyer when she learned of the way that some of the poor people in her church were sometimes cheated because they could not afford legal advice.  She is now helping some of those same poor families.
There was no High School in the community where Jesica grew up.  The scholarship helped her travel to the nearest high school and then to Matagalpa for a two-year degree in Business Administration and Accounting.